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Scranton not running for Senate

Scranton not running for Senate

Former Lt. Gov. Bill Scranton’s name has been bandied about a lot in recent days as Republicans have cast about for a new Senate candidate.

In an interview with today, Scranton made it clear he’s not interested.

“I’m not a candidate for the Senate,” he said, adding that people had approached him to encourage a run, but that he decided it’s not for him.

“I thought about it, and I’ve never wanted to to be a Senator,” he said.

Scranton has wanted to be Governor in the past, and he tried twice, losing campaigns for the office in 1986 and 2006. Late last year, his name had also been floated as a potential gubernatorial candidate, but he’s not interested in that either.

“I am retired and on the sidelines,” he said.

Scranton said he’d be watching the Senate race, and may make an endorsement down the road.

“I’m not one of these people who think that Toomey can’t win,” he said. “If Toomey is our candidate I can easily support him.”

May 8, 2009 at 3:57 pm

--Dan Hirschhorn



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  1. Lee

    May 8th, 2009

    With big names Ridge and Scranton out of the race, it’s more likely that the Republicans will have a free for all in their primary (along with the Democrats). If he has lots of challengers, Toomey likely will prevail, even if it’s only with a plurality of the vote. That should make the eventual Democratic nominee a favorite, even if (s)he has emerged from an expensive intramural donnybrook.

  2. David Diano

    May 8th, 2009

    Speaking as a Dem that wants to win..
    Best of Luck, Toomey!!!

    As for the intramural, you are right.
    Check out my essay on why Sestak shouldn’t run at:
    (Third “NO” argument).

    Even though the poll is running 6-to-1 for Sestak to run, it’s a mistake for the party and a boon for the GOP if he does.

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  4. Joe Collins

    May 10th, 2009

    Glad to see one of our moderate R’s is capable of saying he’ll support Toomey if he’s the candidate.

    As to your Dem primary, I’m trying to be careful what I wish for. Many ways this could play out. Have fun dealing with Arlen. Things seem to be going swell so far.

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