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THE PRESS ROOM: Kortz gets some CQ love

An occasional series of articles exploring how political campaigns are playing out in the media.

It’s no secret that in state Representative Bill Kortz’s insurgent campaign for Senate, the biggest challenge is just getting people to listen.

Kortz, the Allegheny County Democrat who has made clear he won’t be stepping aside for Senator Arlen Specter, got his first national press victory today, in the form of a fawning profile in Congressional Quarterly.

Headlined “Meet the Democrat who Won’t Give Specter a Clear Field,” the piece recaps Kortz’ working-class background and his identity as a less conventional politician.

“I come from the working class,” Kortz says in the piece. “and the working class is what’s getting hammered right now, and it didn’t have to be. And that’s why I’m running—that’s the No. 1 reason.”

Whether other national publications will give Kortz a call remains to be seen. For now, score one for the “unpolitician.”

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May 26, 2009 at 9:59 am

--Dan Hirschhorn

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