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Schenker says he’d step aside for Meehan in Lt. Gov. race

Republican Lieutanant Governor candidate Rick Schenker said Friday that he would drop out of the GOP primary if gubernatorial candidate Pat Meehan opts for a run for Lt. Gov. instead.

In a brief interview with, Schenker, the former Erie County Executive, said he wanted to be Lt. Gov. and push important policy issues onto the public agenda. But he said he was under no illusions that a race against someone like Meehan would be futile.

“As much as I love politics and enjoy getting into something that I think I can win, I’m also pragmatic enough to realize that if [Attorney General Tom] Corbett and Meehan got together on a ticket like that, it would be so incredibly strong that I would probably be wasting my time,” Schenker said. “There’s no sense in doing that to my family if I don’t stand any chance of winning.”

Meehan has not expressed any interest in playing second fiddle to Corbett, and his campaign has insisted he is focused only on beating Corbett in next year’s gubernatorial primary. But many Republicans, eager to recapture the Governor’s Mansion after 8 years, have been pressuring him to explore other options, including runs for Congress or Lt. Gov.

Schenker, for his part, said his stance was rooted less in a desire for a Republican unity than in the realization that he simply couldn’t beat Meehan.

“I believe [Republicans will win the governorship] no matter who’s on the ticket,” he said.

June 12, 2009 at 2:40 pm

--Dan Hirschhorn

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  1. Jim Triplett

    Jun 12th, 2009

    Rick was the kind of elected leader all should hope to have represent PA. As Erie County Executive he made the hard decisions and then left the position on his own when the job was done; this when he would have most likely won if he had ran again. It is my hope Rick remains in the race.

  2. Ted Lascek

    Jun 12th, 2009

    I don’t think Schenker should be so quick to throw in the towel. Certainly, as the article suggests, the arena is ripe for the return of the republican party considering the documented corruption in the recent past by the democratic party. However, finding the BEST candidate is as important as the party affiliation. Schenker already has a proven track record.

  3. Ted Benson

    Jun 12th, 2009

    I personally hope that Rick stays in the race. We need the kind of hard nosed, REAL change platform that he proposes. I am a lifelong Republican who, for the first time in my life, is considering a third party. Term limits is huge with me at both federal and state levels. The corruption, I believe, comes from the entrenched politicians.
    Stay in it, Rick… and bring as many like-thinking people with you as you can.

  4. Tony Ruffa, DO

    Jun 12th, 2009

    Rick is attacking issues that nobody elss will touch- corruption, the size of the legilature, taxes, etc. Why should he step aside for the “politics as usual” candidates. He would transform the Lt. Governorship. He also brings with him a Chrisitan /moral perspective that Harrisburg hasn’t seen in years. Rather than asking Meehan to run for other offices, the Republican leadership should be catering to Rick & ensure he get on the ticket for a sure victory in November. He would not only attract those committed to reform, but also those Pennsylvanians whom Obama referred to as Bible & gun carriers!
    No, Schenker needs to stay in -let Meehan r=un for Congress. That’s where we need more Republicans!

  5. Steve Frank

    Jun 14th, 2009

    In working with Rick in 2003 I witnessed the very ethical approach he took as County Executive. His attemp to tackle tough issues with strong moral values guiding his approach was impressive to say the least in a very cut throat environment. We need someone like Rick to face off against corrupt politics and put an end to waistful antics that seem to be get hidden so well by people with their own agenda. I know Rick counts the public as priority and feels we have a right to uncover hidden politics. Rick will bring transperancy to the state of PA and allow the public to see, hear and most importantly speak the truth.

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