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Leach: If elected, Meehan will get a ‘reflected-contact-tan’ from John Boehner (Video)

WAYNE—When he introduced congressional hopeful Bryan Lentz during a fundraiser here Tuesday night, state Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) had some somber words to say about Lentz’s likely Republican opponent—and some more snarky words for House Republican leader John Boehner.

Mocking Republicans who he said claim to be moderates and then shun bipartisanship in Washington, Leach said of former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan: “So when you hear this guy get up and talk about what a moderate he is, what a great fit for the southeast he is, what a reasonable republican he is—he’s going to go there, and he’s going to sit in John Boehner’s office, and he’s going to get a reflected-contact-tan just from sitting in that office with John Boehner, and then he’s going to vote the way John Boehner wants him to vote on every single important issue, and don’t let them fool you.”

Video of Leach’s remarks—with his commentary on the Minority Leader’s skin complexion beginning about two minutes in—is embedded above.

December 29, 2009 at 9:58 pm

--Dan Hirschhorn

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  1. Lee Levan

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Let the games begin. The campaign season is here in earnest. Actually, it’s a pretty good line by Sen. Leach, filled with lots of truth and wisdom.

    Congressional Republicans have set themselves in concrete as refusing to be part of any solution. Their single minded purpose is to defeat the Democratic Party, regardless of the cost to the country. They have refused to provide any of their talents for the benefit of the American people because it might incidentally aid in the election of some Democratic candidate somewhere. The Party of No has abdicated any pretense of leadership and become a parody of a poltical party whose only principle is self preservation. Very sad indeed.

  2. Michael Livingston

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Sounds like the Dems are getting a little nervous doesn’t it?

  3. Stosh

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Michael, I agree. The fact that the Dems are making such desperate attacks early on shows they are running scared ratehr than running smart. Attacks like this are the type of attacks you see from a candidate who is far behind in the polls. Being so overtly partisan this early on is likely to backfire in Lentz’ face.

    Add to this Lentz’ transparent attack on Eachus and you get a picture of a candidate who is desperate to gain traction. Lots of missteps being made early on.

  4. plus

    Dec 30th, 2009

    as much as he wants everyone to forget, remember that daylin leach is the one who repeatedly joked about sex with teenage girls. this guy shouldn’t be telling anybody who is or is not fit for Congress. Period.

    more importantly, he’s basically implying that lentz is going to be a YES vote for cap and trade, socialized healthcare and more stimulus boondoggles. Is this guy for real or does he have his head so far up his ass that he thinks the rest of the state thinks like the liberal elites on the Main Line?

  5. Stosh

    Dec 30th, 2009

    For those who forgot Leach’s original comments:

    “I want to blog about my fantasies about teenage girls, getting high, and visiting S&M clubs.”

    The Inquirer editorial board had this to say about his comments:

    “When Daylin Leach makes jokes about drugs and sex, he has given away his moral position on those issues in Harrisburg. And when he maligns the standard-bearer of the opposition party, he can kiss bipartisan cooperation goodbye.”

    Nice guy Lentz has fronting for him!

  6. UM

    Dec 30th, 2009

    It’s a shame that the best the Dems could do after Connie Williams retired was to promote Leach. I’d be pretty upset if I were Lentz. Meehan is able to stay above the fray, while it appears that Lentz is already calling out his hatchetmen.

  7. David Diano

    Dec 30th, 2009

    As a cheerleader for the “do nothing” party, you’ve got the most to be nervous about.

    Joking about Boehner’s fake (and rather poorly done) orange tan constitutes a “desperate attack”? You’re sounding a little paranoid.
    If it was me, instead of Leach, I’d have said that if elected, Meehan should get some lip balm because he’ll be spending his time kissing Boehner’s @ss.

    The stimulus saved us from another Great Depression. It contained over 200 billion in tax reductions (but they weren’t targeted to the top 1% like under Bush). It also invested in badly needed infrastructure projects which are not only providing jobs, but intrinsic value as assets.
    Cap and Trade works. It is the same system used to reduce sulfuric acid emissions and acid rain.
    Providing affordable health care to millions of Americans is a bad thing?

    The only traction the GOP had gotten on these issues is by misrepresenting them.

  8. Kelly 5

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Stosh, what flavor is the Kool-Aid that you’ve been drinking? Cap and Trade is not an answer, and will establish regulations that will cripple companies which employ 1000’s of workers. A nuclear option is not on the table, but until it is, we intend to “punish” the hard working Americans who make OUR country run, and reward the “green” ones who have not provided a long term solution except to vilafy current energy producers and line their collective pockets by leveraging “cap-credit” against the energy companies. The Stimulus was a joke, and hasn’t CREATED shit! The influx of that much money into our economy, should have CREATED long term jobs almost imediatly….instead it was squandered (or not distributed at all) on pet projects, or earmarks. Now for Healthcare……anyone who supports this healthcare package is a a Socialist. I work in the Healthcare industry. Not only will this Bill (if finally passed) weaken the quality of our healthcare…and if you’re not in the field don’t comment because YOU DON’T KNOW, it will throw thousands and thousands of good HARD WORKING people into the unemployment line, raise ALL of our taxes through the roof, so now the bums and drug addicts get rewarded with the same level of HC coverage that YOU do, and YOU and I get to pay for it! Now the next bleeding heart, liberal, tree hugger that blames Pres Bush for the CURRENT condition of OUR counry… needs to do some homework. I would never imply silence, since it is our right as Americans to voice our opinions, as I have done today, but WAKE UP. I’m an Independant, and I did vote for Obama, but this administration is wrong in the direction they are taking us. If you agree with what I typed here, great, if not do some research and show me where I’m wrong. Thank you

  9. Stosh

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Kelly 5 – learn to read and understand sarcasm before attacking people. First of all, I made no mention of cap and trade, healthcare, stimulus, etc. that you go on about in your post. That was another commenter — “plus”.

    While the poster “plus” did comment on Lentz being for these things outlined in your rant, he seems to be against them too.

  10. Anonymous

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Didn’t pick up the sarcasm, which I usually do. I wasn’t attacking, I was just stating my opinion and a few facts. If I came off gruff, it’s because (as you read) I’m fed up with all the bullshit. Also, I probably just misread who posted. No harm meant Stosh.

  11. David Diano

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Kelly 5-
    Why should we do research to correct your economic fantasies, because you were too lazy to get the right answers? Here’s some help:
    1) Cap and trade model was used to combat acid rain. The SAME dire (and false) predictions were made then and are as wrong today.
    2) Digging for fossil fuels is not a long term solution, and the “green” idea of renewables like wind, solar, bio are LONG term solutions. The green tech needs some subsidizes and research money to build infrastructure and improve efficiencies. It’s called “investment in the future”.
    3) Stimulus prevented complete economic collapse. Deal with it.
    4) Under the current system, overseen by GOP laissez faire, my insurance premiums have doubled over the last 5 years. The public option is long overdue. In which part of the Healthcare industry do you work, the part that actively looks for ways to ways to rip off consumers.

    When you were born, did you Mom forget to purchase the “sense of humor” option before she left the hospital?

    Leach is a riot and says all sorts of zany, iconoclastic, and off-the-wall stuff to shake things up or say the opposite of what he really means. Examples from his recent Facebook posts:

    — “Great gift-opening this morning. My whole family chipped in to get me a gift-certificate for a whole lot of psycho-therapy. Isn’t that sweet?”

    — “Finishing my holiday shopping today. I’m getting everyone either a back shaver, or a big tin of smelts, depending on how hairy their back is, and how much they like smelts.”

    — “Question for the day: Would you rather eat nothing but egg salad the rest of your life, or have a 4-foot long non-amputatable thumb?”

    — “Taking a tour of my old school Temple U this morning. A lot of people I knew back then would be shocked I’m not still here as an undergrad.”

    Leach is probably the coolest politician in PA and also one of the most progressive on issues like civil rights. Leach is a great “get” for any local politician to help with an event.

  12. Stosh

    Dec 31st, 2009


    Even though we don’t agree on many political issues — aside from our mutual dislike of Joe Sestak — I don’t think I have ever attacked you personally, so why are you attempting to make this personal? Come on now.

    Kelly – when you tell me to stop drinking the cool aid for something I never said, how would you expect me to respond?

  13. UM

    Dec 31st, 2009

    David, why don’t you share some of Leach’s old blog posts with us too? Thats right, if you cut and pasted them, you’d likely be kicked off the comment board. If Leach’s district was even a marginal one, he would have been shown the door a few years ago. It amazes me that someone as great as Connie Williams would continue to go to bat for this guy and carry him over the finish line time and time again.

  14. David Diano

    Dec 31st, 2009

    My joking that you don’t have a sense of humor, and then you treating it as a personal attack, just makes my case. :-)

    Umm…. Leach is a welcome replacement to Williams. Leach is very down to earth and the kind of irreverent regular guy, and non-phony, we need in politics.
    Daylin is like the sprinkles that complete a cupcake or the salt on a pretzel.
    Sure, an entire St. Senate full of Daylin’s would be like eating a cup of sprinkles or salt, but without a Daylin, PA politics would be bland and lifeless.
    Try watching more “Family Guy”.

  15. Kelly 5

    Dec 31st, 2009

    Hey Dave, I am right, and I don’t go for alot of this political fantasy bullshit. If you want to insult me and call me lazy, why don’t you do it in person? I served my country in the Army, and have a greater love for it than most. The GREEN systems of energy are NOT long term solutions right now and they DON’T create enough jobs in the current climate, but as I stated nuclear energy needs to be developed in the future. Next, A stimulus was needed, but JOBS were not created, at least not nearly enough to support and rebound the economy…deal with that. You think you’re paying alot of money in premiums now? Where do you think that the money is gonna come from to support “Universal Healthcare”? I’ll help you….it’s going to come from you! and if ya want to know what I do, I’m a nurse. Like I said, if ya want to insult me, do it like a man and do it in person. Otherwise wake up, put on FOX news for 10 min a day, and listen.

  16. David Diano

    Dec 31st, 2009

    FOX?? If you think that is a source of news, instead of pure propaganda, you are too far gone. I watch a lot more 10 minutes of it, just to track the daily lies and distortions. If you don’t want to be called lazy, then make the effort to change the channel away from FOX and try to actually learn something.
    Without the stimulus, the economy would have collapsed and more jobs would have been lost. That’s the concensus opinion of the leading economists.
    I’d be paying less with a public option with lower premiums.

    Kelly, try posting under your real name.

  17. kelly 5

    Jan 1st, 2010

    Tell me where you want to meet and I’ll tell you my real name. I was asking for 10 min so you wouldn’t overload. Let me guess, MSNBC? Do you NOT see the state of the economy or the direction of OUR country? I guess you just put your head in the sand, vote Dem blindly, and listen to msnbc. You’re not going to listen to facts, so conversing with you is a waste. By the way, everytime you go into vote, remember the kind of guys you’re voting against are the kind of guys who gave you the freedom to do so. You owe them at least the respect of listening to the both sides. Like I said, where should we meet?

  18. kelly 5

    Jan 1st, 2010

    Before you respond, just type in where you’d like to discuss our political differences in person. If you choose to hide behind a blog, don’t bother responding. If you choose a spot, ok…….then I’ll listen to any FACTS that you may have

  19. David Diano

    Jan 1st, 2010

    The country is finally heading in the right direction, after years of Bush and the GOP sending us off a cliff. The economic numbers have stabilized, setting the stage for slow job growth, which was always understood to lag the recovery. Try reading the economic forecast in the Wall Street Journal.

    Cheney, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, Gingrich and other right-wing “philosophers” not only haven’t “served”, but have actively supported policies to take away freedoms and deny civil rights.

    As Barney Frank would say: Arguing with you is like arguing with a dinning room table.
    Try reading:
    for a detailed breakdown of how FOX distorts news into misinformation.

  20. Lee Levan

    Jan 1st, 2010

    kelly 5

    I disagree with David on many occasions; but at least he uses his real name (as do I); so I don’t see how you can accuse him of “hiding behind a blog”. You, on the other hand, are doing just that, which is your prerogative. However, it makes you look silly by accusing him of precisely what you are doing.

  21. Anonymous

    Jan 1st, 2010

    Kelly is my first name, I choose not to give my last name.
    -Dave, I do read the Wall Street Journal, and I don’t know what you’re reading, but it does appear that we have slowed the bleeding, but there is NO plan for creating JOBS. Isn’t that was the stimulus was supposed to do. Even if it created 100,000 jobs tomorrow, due to the downswing of the economy which was caused but a DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS forcing banks to lend to unqualified applicants, (at least thats a big part of it), it still will drive us deeper into recession. Bush wasn’t good, but we all made a huge mistake with Obama. He does have an agenda. Dave, I still dind’t see where you’d like to meet in person. You did manage to insult me again. Honestly, I can’t debate with you, because you have no idea what your talking about. You say to read the WSJ, where you obviously don’t. Unlike you, I’ll look at that link you posted with an open mind. So, where are we gonne meet up?

  22. Kelly 5

    Jan 1st, 2010

    WOW! I just looked at that link. Now I know why you have your head up your ass. That’s not a news info site. It’s a FOX bashing site. Dave, you’re never gonna change, even with an addministration as F#@ked up as this one. We should stop our report’ now…..go hug a tree, and hold up signs at an intersection about Bush and the war. That really supports our troops. Enjoy your Kool-aid.

  23. Anonymous

    Jan 1st, 2010

    Kelly, you are a complete idiot. Go watch American Idol and leave the political debate to those who are informed.

  24. Kelly 5

    Jan 1st, 2010

    ok debate me. I’m not looking for a fight. I’d like to trade opinions, but when someone pulls info out or thier ass that is not fact based, then insults me for my opinion, I take offense.

  25. Anonymous

    Jan 1st, 2010

    They did get any moderate votes on health care, cap and trade and the stimulus bills because they are bad bills that the people don’t want. The Democrats are going to find out how bad these bills are and how upset people are in November.

  26. Kelly 5

    Jan 1st, 2010

    I agree. Does anyone have an opinion to Who will go and who will stay in November? Senate, and House?

  27. Delco Dan

    Jan 3rd, 2010

    Pat Meehan is an Arlen Specter fake Republican. I hope he loses – and I’m a Republican!

  28. Anonymous

    Jan 3rd, 2010

    I really don’t know too much about him. How bout Specter, Sestack, Toomey, Pat Murphy, Schwartz,and Welch? who stays/who goes?

  29. David Diano

    Jan 4th, 2010

    Sestak’s gone.
    Pat Murphy will probably stay.
    Specter will beat Toomey, but it will be VERY close. Possibly even a recount.

  30. kelly 5

    Jan 4th, 2010

    hey Dave, we agree on something! i don’t know about Welch because Mehann just has too strong a name, and Schwartz is probably in only because she’s going up against no-names with no-money. A strong opponent could beat her, but I don’t see one this time around.

  31. David Diano

    Jan 4th, 2010

    Welch and Meehan aren’t in competition. Even though Welch lives in the 7th district, he is switched to running the 6th district, once Meehan entered the race.

    Meehan can be defeated by the Dems, though it will be very difficult, especially with 2010 being a tough year for Dems.

  32. Kelly 5

    Jan 4th, 2010

    That’s right, I forget that Welch switched.

  33. Lana

    Jan 9th, 2010

    How proud I am of the Senator, and just how lucky the people in his district are. I would love him to run for Govenor and of course be elected.

    I am excited about Bryan Lentz’s run for the 7th CD congressional seat. He has been a great member of the house and should have been elected to congress when Sestak was. But of course he had to step aside for Sestak who nobody knew. Once we got to know the real admiral it was too late and he was already in Congress. He never did a thing for the district except collect his pay check. Sestak will get hammered by Specter and Sestak will be out in the cold looking for a job, just as he has done all his adult life.

    Just who is Meehan other than a republican hack ? Never did a thing that comes to mind.Yes we are starting early but we have to too as we have to wake up the party that has been asleep since Sestak arrived on the scene out of no where. What he fails to understand or grasp is the only reason he ever got voted in was the FBI going after Curt Weldon The little admiral has spent far too long at sea and it shows to all that has their eyes opened.
    I am proud of Sen. Daylin Leech and can only imagine how great it would be if he were my Senator. He speaks the truth and votes the right way. I only hope that Rep Lents will follow and do the right thing.
    I would have to move if Meehan would ever get elected as it would set Delaware county back 50 years and we can’t afford that for a minute

    Senator Leech is a leader of men and next years Lentz can do the same.

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