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Lentz calls for removal of Eachus as Dem leader

Lentz calls for removal of Eachus as Dem leader

State Representative Bryan Lentz (D-Delaware) on Monday said it was time for House Majority Leader Todd Eachus to be removed as head of the Democratic Caucus, clearly positioning himself in the reform wing of the party as he seeks election to Congress next year.

A statement released by Lentz’s Harrisburg office and an accompanying letter his office said was sent to Eachus were both strongly worded in skipping past a request for resignation and going straight to removal.

“My experiences as an officer in the 82nd Airborne Division tell me that there are times when an entire chain of command must be relieved in order to restore confidence in an organization,” Lentz said. “That time has come for the House Democratic caucus. A cloud of corruption has hung over our Commonwealth for too long and we must take clear affirmative steps to regain the confidence of the citizens of Pennsylvania.

“The election of new leaders will show the people that our caucus is capable of self-correction and serious about cleaning up Harrisburg,” he added.

Lentz, the Democratic front-runner in the 7th Congressional District, appears to be the first member of the caucus to call for Eachus’ ouster. As a state grand jury investigating corruption in the Capital continues to charge and implicate Democratic leaders, it remains to be seen if Eachus will succumb to the fate of former House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese.

In his letter to Eachus, Lentz said the leader should essentially call for new leadership elections as soon as the state House reconvenes in January and remove himself from contention.

“Please take the initiative to do what is right for the caucus and the people of Pennsylvania,” Lentz wrote.

December 28, 2009 at 7:16 pm

--Dan Hirschhorn

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  1. The Scranton Guardian

    Dec 28th, 2009

    According to the blog “Sights on Pennsylvania”, the website is off the internet and the blinds at his downtown Hazleton office are drawn all the way to the ground, which people say they havn’t seen before.

    This looks like a resignation is on the way shortly, which in Luzerne County means that anouncement of a plea agreement comes a couple of days later.

    The only question I think is whether he wore a wire as part of his plea agreement and on who.

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  3. David Diano

    Dec 29th, 2009

    Those are some pretty strong words by Lentz. I’m glad to see that even though he’s running for Congress, that he’s still taking an active role in state politics where he’s still an elected official.

  4. AdventureGuru

    Jan 3rd, 2010

    Finally, a Democratic leader with a backbone and some cleaning products for a rat infested Capitol Complex. ’bout time.

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