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Lower Merion commish considering 6th District GOP run

Lower Merion commish considering 6th District GOP run

The Republican primary in the 6th Congressional District could soon go from crowded to absolutely jam-packed.

Lower Merion Township Commissioner V. Scott Zelov confirmed Friday evening that he is thinking about getting into the race. In a brief interview with, he declined to discuss his political calculus in any detail, but said he hopes to make a final decision “in the next week or so.”

“I’ve been asked my so many friends and supporters about my interest in seeking higher office, and I am seriously considering it,” Zelov said.

If he ultimately decides to run, Zelov would be the sixth Republican seeking the nomination to replace incumbent Congressman Jim Gerlach, who is running for governor. Like former Thornburgh administration Revenue Secretary Howard Cohen, Zelov might benefit from a Montgomery County base that, while less helpful in a GOP primary, could prove useful in drawing cross-party votes next November.

First elected to the township’s Board of Commissioners in 2005, Zelov was reelected to a second 4-year term last month.

If he runs, he would face Cohen, businessman Steven Welch, state Representative Curt Schroder (R-Chester), Chester County Recorder of Deeds Ryan Costello and for party committeeman Patrick Sellers.

“It is a crowded primary,” Zelov said.

December 5, 2009 at 3:20 pm

--Dan Hirschhorn

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  1. LM GOP

    Dec 4th, 2009

    In the end, Zelov doesn’t pull the trigger. He had the opportunity to run for the state house after Connie Williams moved on to the Senate and declined.

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  3. David Diano

    Dec 4th, 2009

    By the time they finish adding contestants to this GOP primary, it will take only 5% of the vote to win it. :-)

  4. Joe in Wynnewood

    Dec 5th, 2009

    As probably the only somewhat reasonable GOP member of the LMT board, he’d probably be the best actual congresscritter of the bunch.

    As for having not run Connie’s seat, no Republican could have won that seat against Daylin Leach – as Republican-then independent-then Republican Lance Rodgers found out. Having declined to run in an un-winnable race probably has no bearing on what he does now.

  5. LM GOP

    Dec 5th, 2009

    Joe…I was referring to back when Connie first moved up to the Senate in 2001. There was a special election in February 2002 for her state house seat. Scott could have won that race, as the GOP candidate actually went on and beat Leach. He’s done some good things on the LM Board of Commissioners, but I just don’t see him entering a 5 way primary. This races comes down to Welch and Schroeder.

  6. Anonymous

    Dec 6th, 2009

    Scott is a shrewd, smart player, with no shortage of money or connections in the area. He’ll give Welch and Schroeder a real run for their money if he’s in it to win. Best of bunch in my book.

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  8. Richard Liberatoscioli

    Dec 15th, 2009

    With the standing murder charges and widespread criminal public corruption surrounding the Lower Merion Township Commissioners, Scott Zelov is major political poison to any party. The community has had enough of “more of the same” in government.

    Email for the scope of this public corruption in Lower Merion/Montgomery County.

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