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GOP says internal poll shows Dent with big lead

GOP says internal poll shows Dent with big lead

Republicans say an internal poll of the 15th Congressional District race shows incumbent Republican Charlie Dent with a wide lead over his Democratic challenger, Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan.

The poll, conducted by the Alexandria-based Tarrance Group, found Dent garnering 53 percent of the vote, compared to 27 percent for Callahan, according to a poll memo released by the National Republican Congressional Committee. Like other internal polling data released, the NRCC disclosed only the poll memo, not the full survey, making it impossible to independently evaluate.

In the telephone survey of 300 likely voters, 12 percent of respondents were undecided. The poll found Dent beating Callahan in his home base of Lehigh County by more than 20 points. And the NRCC sought to emphasize that Dent’s strong position was not just based on superior name recognition, saying that even among voters who “know” both candidates, Dent leads by 18 percentage points.

His 61 percent favorability rating underscores why Democrats have had a hard time knocking off Dent in recent cycles. With no primary, Callahan still has months to raise his numbers, and his been beating Dent in the money race. But even after being recruited by the White House, the latest numbers, if accurate, highlight the difficult road ahead for Callahan.

“If Washington Democrats still think Rahm’s hand-picked candidate John Callahan is one of their best bets, then I’ve got a ticket to sell them for Martha Coakley’s U.S. Senate swearing in ceremony,” NRCC spokesman Tory Mazzola said in a statement. “Charlie Dent is in a very strong position because Eastern Pennsylvanians know he is an independent voice fighting for jobs, limited government and less spending, while Callahan’s record speaks for itself—he’s a tax-and-spend Pelosi liberal.”

Click here to download the poll memo.

January 26, 2010 at 6:55 pm

--Dan Hirschhorn

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  1. robin's whood.

    Jan 26th, 2010

    Tory Mazzola is a huge asshole.

  2. Jon

    Jan 27th, 2010

    Luckily the bank tax looks to be working wonders for Democratic messaging, and Dent’s vote is going to cost him dearly.

  3. Berks

    Jan 27th, 2010

    Ryan thanks for that link and if you wrote that it’s great!

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  5. Mike

    Mar 5th, 2010

    Boy, you guys worked awfully hard keeping Jake Towne’s name out of it. The only reason he polled at 8% is he had 92% of the people left to talk too.

  6. sonofliberty76

    Apr 8th, 2010

    Callahan is another Obama sock puppet stooge who is corrupt and cares more about stealing your liberties and dollars than doing the work he is sent to do. Another standard payback to Unions type- Acorn/SEIU, aflcio and any other unscrupulous mafia types you can think of. Look where idiots like Calahan have put our state and country, on the brink of depression, taking your money and giving it to people who don’t work for it, spending wAAAAY more than they are given, causing massive debt and coming inflation and tax hikes. Let’s not even get into bail outs and government unconstitutional take overs. As long as it lines their pockets, they go for it. No morals, no character. I am tired of the Karl Marx types, where are the George Washingtons? Calahan needs a job at McDonalds to teach him what work is like and how government steals your money from your pay check.

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