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Another Dem goes neutral in the 6th District

State Representative Josh Shapiro (D-Montgomery) has decided to pull his endorsement of congressional hopeful Doug Pike, making him one of the most high-profile Democrats to change his mind in the contentious 6th District primary between Pike and Manan Trivedi.

Shapiro, a three-term state lawmaker with a big profile in the region, confirmed to that he asked the Pike campaign to remove his name from the endorsement list on its Web site, which it did recently—and quietly. Like others who have either gone neutral or switched to Trivedi’s camp altogether, Shapiro cited the fact that Pike was the only candidate in the race at the time of the endorsement. Pike quickly lined up Democrats behind him last summer, from leading lawmakers to the rank-and-file, before Trivedi entered the race in September and began making a huge dent in that support. That dent culminated with Trivedi being the favored candidate among party insiders across the district, even in the face of Pike’s significant financial advantage in the campaign.

Shapiro also cited concerns about Pike’s policy positions toward Israel, but didn’t get into specifics.

Pike was recently endorsed by the left-leaning Israel policy group J Street, and his campaign is working to address concerns that he may be more critical of Israel than suburban Jewish leaders and voters in the district would prefer. Shapiro didn’t mention the J Street endorsement.

“We respect Representative Shapiro’s decision, and look forward to working with him to turn the 6th District blue in the general election,” Pike campaign manager Andrew Eldredge-Martin said.

State Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) also got back on the fence in the primary last year. Reading Mayor Tom McMahon switched his endorsement from Pike to Trivedi earlier this year. The battle for individual endorsements recently shifted to jockeying for support from the county party organizations, where Trivedi seemed to leave Pike in the dust. He was endorsed by both the Chester County and the Montgomery County parties. And while Berks County doesn’t do formal endorsements, Trivedi is from the county and it’s seen as his base of support.

Clarification: This article may have left the incorrect impression that Josh Shapiro cited J Street’s endorsement of Doug Pike in his decision to pull his endorsement. Shapiro never mentioned J Street in the course of his interview with, and only alluded to more general concerns about Pike’s policies toward Israel.

March 17, 2010 at 9:00 am

--Dan Hirschhorn

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  1. Where are you?

    Mar 17th, 2010

    And Shapiro/McMahon/Daylin all lose credibility. I don’t think people get it Pike has Unions and casssssssh. He will not lose.

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  3. David Diano

    Mar 17th, 2010

    That’s a good endorsement for Pike.

    J-Street has a much more sensible approach than other pro-Israel groups.


  5. H is a Muslim

    Mar 17th, 2010

    Manannnnnnnnnnnnn Trivedi IS A MUSLIM

  6. Trande

    Mar 17th, 2010

    haha! it begins.

  7. Chris

    Mar 17th, 2010

    Congratulations to Mr. Trivedi on winning the endorsements for Montgomery and Chester counties! I’ve noticed that following the Montgomery endorsement, gutter comments and lies have started to surface on postings similar to this against Trivedi. My interpretation is the Pike camp has gotten desperate.

  8. Don't go there

    Mar 18th, 2010

    Don’t go there Pike campaign or whomever wants to try to spread untruths about Trivedi…

    I won’t repeat the above mentioned lie, but people tried to do that against someone named Obama, guess what, he’s our President!

    This sorry, pathetic political tactic is so old school and bigotted. If the Pike campaign is involved or even Gerlach’s people are involved, or just some wacky racist – then, even more than ever, voters should come out in droves to show that the 6th Congressional district is not that way and we respect all races, religions, creeds.

    Please, whomever is trying to stir up trouble, please stop immediately, this is really not acceptable anymore in our Nation, our State, our region or in our towns. We are a better people – look at our President, regardless of what you think about health care, or the stimulus package or any other controversial issue – you have a right to call or claim for smaller government, or no health care plan, or a smaller deficit, but you have no right to be a racist, a bigot, plain prejudice. This is called ignorance and I would hope you understand the offensiveness of your accusation.

    By the way, there is nothing offensive about one’s religion, or even not having a religion. It is offensive to try to stir up hate, regardless of one’s religious affiliation.

    Please stop whomever you are – we do not need this type of behavior – just because you are commenting on a blog site does not allow you to try to spread lies – the good people of the 6th district will see through you.

    Thank you and please stop your poor behavior.

  9. Hey Dont go there

    Mar 18th, 2010

    Funny thing about the USA People are allowed to Think and say whatever they Please . Obama is a Muslim just like Manan Travedi is

  10. Where are you?

    Mar 18th, 2010

    Problem is Gerlach called Lois Murphy a terrorist and if this weakling Trivedi goes up against him it’s going to get that ugly.

  11. hmmm

    Mar 20th, 2010

    Problem is. Whether he is a Muslim or not, he is an American War Hero who risked his life for your safety and freedom!!!

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  13. Josh Shapiro is a NOBODY

    Mar 27th, 2010

    Josh Shapiro is a Nobody he is just a number in 202 numbers he has no leadership in the House he has nothing no power Just the Press has a Man Crush on Him so they follow him around like a Puppy Dog Thanks God for Blogs and The Internet we no longer have to take The Medicine that the PRESS shoves down our throats

  14. anonymous

    Apr 15th, 2010

    Shapiro has abused the eminent domain process in Abington Township. Abington did not need a library but desired ownership of land! Shapiro and Joe Hoeffel both live in Abington and are abusing the eminent domain process in their hometown! When is Tom Corbett going to step in and DO SOMETHING! An 80 year old widow is being abused by these 2 dimwits and he does nothing!
    ONE FALSIFIED DOCUMENT and Abington Township files a “declaration of taking” of private property! The economic development committee approaches the library and tells them they need to expand and only ONE location is suitable for the Roslyn Branch of the Abington Library, “PRIME REAL ESTATE IN THE HEART OF ROSLYN.” The theft of private property and FORCING INDIVIDUALS OFF THEIR LAND is not anything that should be taken lightly by Tom Corbetts office!

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