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Burns and Critz reportedly neck-and-neck in fundraising

The two candidates in the 12th District special election appear to be on an even field when it comes to fundraising—notwithstanding the fact that one of them is a multimillionaire who can take off at any moment he chooses.

The Post-Gazette reports that Republican Tim Burns will report finishing March with about $340,000 in cash on hand, while Democrat Mark Critz will report about $325,000 in the bank.

First-quarter campaign finance reports will be filed next week. Both candidates went on the air with TV ads after the close of the reporting period, meaning their latest—and presumably biggest—expenditures won’t appear on the coming reports.

Burns reportedly sold his pharmacy technology company for millions, and is expected to dip into his own bank account at least a bit to fund his campaign.

April 9, 2010 at 12:21 pm Staff

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  1. jerry p

    Apr 10th, 2010

    Another Week of Hypocrisy for Burns.

    It was a busy week for Burns. He got another endorsement. This one from Bill Shuster, a guy who supported the pay raisers like Bob Jubelier. Then he followed up with a weak announcement about the West Virginia coal miner tragedy.

    West Virginia’s miners have endured harsh, dangerous working conditions and times of plenty and downturns brought on by scarcity. Something that Burns has endured little of in his sheltered life. And they have literally fought battles to maintain their rights, and they have worked to provide the energy the nation needs. Burns has rode the backs of his workers to achieve his successes and wealth.

    Miners work long, hard hours in order to find the coal needed to provide electricity for home and industry. Without their efforts, much of daily life in America would simply stop for lack of energy. Homes, businesses, hospitals and government services would literally be in the dark.

    Much of this is not known by Burns. He knows more about country club caddies and country club bar tenders than coal miners. The West Virginia miners are heroes. Burns is a phony.

    Russell is the guy for true reform. When is the Russell brigade going to strike back at the Burns campaign of hypocrisy?

  2. […] will take place on May 18th. Another report released today by shows that Burns and Critz are almost even on the money front, with Burns having an edge of just fifteen grand (both have over three hundred […]

  3. Love and Light

    Apr 11th, 2010

    You know honestly Jerry P. I think you are the PINHEAD. Do you even read your own blog. The people have Burns ahead of Russell. You need to stop this nonsense. You obviously know nothing about Burns, both you and Mdog must be very jealous people.
    Burns has never belonged to a country club nor does he live in a gated community. Both of you are the LIARS here!!!!!
    What …are you going to vote for Critz who cant even take his mining ad off during this tragic time. Russell isnt going to win, get OVER IT.

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