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‘Losing his voice,’ Critz hits back against GOP ad

‘Losing his voice,’ Critz hits back against GOP ad

Democrat Mark Critz has taken to the airwaves to rebut a GOP-sponsored ad that says he supported health care reform legislation.

The 30-second spot actually shows a clip from a commercial by the National Republican Congressional Committee, before Critz says he opposed health care reform, is pro-life, pro-gun, and “not liberal.”

“I’m losing my voice in this campaign,” Critz says hoarsely. “But I’m running for congress so you don’t lose yours.”

It’s unclear how widely the ad, embedded below, is being aired in the 12th Congressional District.

April 19, 2010 at 10:37 am

--Dan Hirschhorn

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  1. Frank

    Apr 19th, 2010

    Let me get this straight, Critz is pro-life, pro-gun, against cap and trade, and against the health care bill? So, umm, why exactly is he a Democrat?


    Apr 19th, 2010

    Good question. He Monday morning quarterbacked the healthcare reform. If I was him, id have said, this bill will help thousands of poor folks get coverage.

  3. TB

    Apr 19th, 2010

    Critz has no political guts. I have no problem with a pro-gun pro-life Democrat because I am one myself. But not backing health care when you worked for a Jack Murtha, who most assuredly would have gone with the Speaker on the bill, proves he is having a crisis of confidence in his own ability to sell reform to the people of the 12th.

    Critz would have have been better off pounding the pavement on the immediate, and popular portions of the bill (elimination of coverage denial due to pre-existing conditions and children staying on parent’s health plans up to age 26) than putting himself in the awkward position of opposing his Party’s major legislative accomplishment. His current position is clearly political posturing that can be easily recognized by voters of all stripes. In other words he’d be better off doing the hard sell and showing back bone than running scared. By pulling a cut and run on this issue he looks powerless and opens himself up to more attack from his opponent.

  4. She is Yawning

    Apr 19th, 2010

    See if you can spot the woman in this add Yawning like she is si Bored with Critz

  5. What Happened to My GOP?

    Apr 19th, 2010

    I’m a moderate Republican in the 12th District. The Republican candidates–Russell and Burns–are so far to the right they make Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign look like Walter Mondale’s in 1984.

    At what point did my party decide to go all John Birch Society/Tea Party/NeoConservative all the time? Mr. Russell ought to be thanks for his valor and service while Mr. Burns ought to be congratulated for his fine business skills, but should either of these far right wingers be sent to Congress to represent our district?

    Jack Murtha was a moderate. He was a centrist. I disagreed with many of his positions. I voted for him some of the time and against him in a handful of races too. This district ought to elect a moderate like Murtha–regardless of which party they are from. Unfortunately, I don’t think that either member of my party fits the bill.

    I like what Mark Critz has to say in this ad and I like what I read about him. I’m going to vote for him in the Special Election. I don’t know what I’ll do in the GOP primary between the Tea Party/Religious Fundamentalist Burns and the NeoConservative Russell. I’ll closely watch Critz’s voting record from May-November and re-evaluate then.

    For now, my message to my fellow Republicans is to get back to reality for the sake of this party and district! Too bad Barbara Hafer isn’t running… as a Republican!

  6. John

    Apr 20th, 2010

    Moderate GOP, you’re nuts to vote for Critz. Murtha has ruled the 12th with an iron first for nearly 40 years. What has he done of value? What has changed? Have you been to Johnstown, Uniontown, Connellsville, or Brownsville lately? Can you really say that the Democrats deserve another shot? Murtha was a crook and is in Hell right now. He should have been tossed out of office or arrested years ago for his crimes. A vote for Critz is an affirmation of the liberal economic policies that have ruined the district. I feel sad for you. They’ve brainwashed you into believing you cannot make it without Uncle Sam handing you a check once a month.

  7. What Happened to My GOP?

    Apr 20th, 2010

    John– I get no checks from Uncle Sam. Murtha wasn’t perfect and I know that. However, it’s nut jobs like you who make comments like Murtha “is in Hell right now” that make me wonder when the GOP went totally down the fringe path?

    Quite honestly, I don’t think either party has done a good job representing me or my district or country. Unfortunately, we only have two choices in the Special and two choices in the primary. Critz may be the better of the options right now, but if the GOP comes to its senses, perhaps that will change in November.

  8. TB

    Apr 20th, 2010


    Name one of Murtha’s crimes. Last time I checked the Ethics Committee cleared him of any wrong doing. And no, calling Marines jarheads is not a crime. Slanderous, misguided, poor politics? Possibly. Criminal? Not while the 1st Amendment is in place.

    One of the ultimate ironies in this race is that Mr. Russell is a former military man and he wants to come clean up profligate spending in Washington. He better start with that $702 billion dollar FY2010 budget over at the Pentagon that fuels six figure salaries to former military officers at private defense contractors. Those guys are some Patriots, huh?

    Liberal economic policies that have ruined the district? Southwestern PA would be be much worse off if it hadn’t had been for John Murtha bringing home jobs. Can you imagine what Johnstown would look like today if he hadn’t? Impoverished.

    Southwestern PA did has not shown any sign of booming growth in industry due to the ingenuity of its people or the George W. Bush tax cuts. If there was ever a place that has a clear need for government intervention you are looking at it. Get off your high horse and go run your small business selling magic beans to children.

  9. Pat

    Apr 27th, 2010

    eh, the Ethics Committee headed by Charlie Rangel? THAT Ethics Comitte?

  10. […] Critz had taken to the airwaves recently to voice, among other things, his pro-gun sentiments [1]. The rating from the powerful gun rights lobby was based on Critz’s answers to a questionnaire, which is different the “A” ratings the group gives to candidates with voting records to evaluate. Republican Tim Burns, Critz’s opponent in the May 18 special election, received the same grade. […]

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