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Fitzpatrick opposes Murphy’s DADT measure

Fitzpatrick opposes Murphy’s DADT measure

With Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-8) seemingly on the verge of pushing through a legislative repeal to the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, his opponent thinks it’s time to apply the brake pedal.

Republican Mike Fitzpatrick, who was unseated by Murphy in 2006 and is trying to win back the job this year, has avoided talking publicly about the military’s ban on openly gay soldiers in recent months. But echoing other Republicans, his campaign manager told that Congress should wait for the military to complete its current review of the policy before enacting any legislation.

“Anyone capable of protecting this country should be allowed to serve, but legislation needs to wait for military review,” Fitzpatrick campaign manager Kyle Whatley said.

Murphy’s legislation, an amendment to a larger military spending bill, has already passed the House and the Armed Services Committee in the Senate. It is worded in such a way that any repeal of the policy is contingent upon completion of the Pentagon review currently underway, requiring military officials and the president to sign off in agreement that repeal would not affect military effectiveness or cohesion.

In 2006, Fitzpatrick was endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans, a political group of gay Republicans that cited, among other things, Fitzpatrick’s support for a 2005 bill that would have repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Fitzpatrick’s campaign declined to comment on his apparent albeit marginal change of position, and did not make the candidate himself available for an interview.

In a statement, Murphy, an Iraq War veteran, told that repeal would “ensure that every American has the same opportunity I did to defend our nation. Patriotic Americans willing to take a bullet for their country should never be forced to lie about who they are in order to serve the country they love, and I will not rest until the repeal of this discriminatory policy that hurts national security is signed into law.”

June 17, 2010 at 10:33 am

--Eric Katz

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  1. lifelonginbucks

    Jun 17th, 2010

    Murphy’s problem in this district is his votes for spending and adding to the debt. I voted for him in 2006 because he told us he was a blue dog who was a fiscal conservative. He proved to be a liar in that regard and that is why he has turned off so many who have voted for him.

  2. BucksVoter

    Jun 17th, 2010

    Lifelong is correct. DADT is sooooo far down on the priority list. Social issues are not in play this election. All his energy is being spent on this and his supposed “bluedog” credentials are non existent. This is still a center right district with financial concerns the top priority. Voting with Pelosi 97% of the time won’t cut it.

  3. AnotherBucksPointofView

    Jun 17th, 2010

    So let me get this straight. This election is not about social issues. Both of the above comments are blatant efforts to make a negative statement about Murphy without any regard for the point the writer is making. Is that okay?
    DADT is relevant in this election and Fitzpatrick’s flip flopping is what the writer is referring too. Aside from being an important issue and one that our country needs to put to rest, the writer is pointing out that we must question the integrity and consistency of a candidate who changes his mind when it is convenient to do so. That was the point of this article. Guess what, if he can change his mind on the social issues, he’ll change his mind on the fiscal issues.
    By the way, the US is only one of a couple of countries in the world who has policies about sexual preference in the military. So much for being a progressive world leader. Why is Murphy wrong to try to correct that?

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  5. Bucks Voter

    Jun 17th, 2010

    When Murphy starts voting like the fiscal bluedog he claims he is, I will worry about Fitzpatrick changing his mind. As for the US being one of only a couple of countries not allowing gays in the military…where do you get your facts from? My point wasn’t that there is anything wrong with it…besides, why is he attaching this to a spending bill? If Obama wants DADT to go away all he has to do is issue an executive order. Done! But he is a coward.

  6. Dem Guy

    Jun 18th, 2010

    “Anyone capable of protecting this country should be allowed to serve, but legislation needs to wait for military review,” Fitzpatrick campaign manager Kyle Whatley said.

    Thank you Mike Fitzpatrick! It’s time someone stood up and reminded us that we live in a military dictatorship. Like that time Harry Truman waited for the military’s permission before integrating the Armed Services.


  7. Dem Guy

    Jun 18th, 2010

    And Obama can’t will away discrimination in the Armed Forces with an executive order. DADT is an executive order itself, but there is an underlying congrsesional statute banning gays in the military; DADT was Clinton’s end-around. So the statute needs to be repealed. The rest is window-dressing, relegating millions of Americans to second-class status.

  8. Anonymous

    Jun 18th, 2010

    FITZFLOP strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. flynnbw

    Jun 18th, 2010

    It’s not a military spending bill. It’s the National Defense Authorization Act. This is the bill that sets policy for the Department of Defense. As DADT is a Department of Defense policy, this is the appropriate way to handle the change of policy.

  10. whaaaaat.

    Jun 18th, 2010

    so he’s a gay hater, big surprise. it’s time for the few Americans, mainly repuglicans, to grow up and get over it. Furthermore, we DO NOT need these people in congress.

  11. righton

    Jun 18th, 2010

    It was your reporter who CONCLUDED that Fitzpatrick had an “apparent” change of position. Read the campaign mgr’s statement. Fitzpatrick’s position is the same – repeal DADT. No change. He is saying today what the Secy. of Defense (Robt. Gates) and military leaders and the Dem. Chair of the Armed Service Committee are saying – WAIT until the Pentagon completes its review by Dec. 1 – Hear from the folks running the military and then vote. Again, Fitz is for DADT. Another point: Fitzpatrick was not made “available,” reporter wrote??? Neither was Murphy – he once again issued a written statement handed out by his people. He’s the guy under wraps.

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