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Sestak says he’s a staunch supporter of Israel

Sestak says he’s a staunch supporter of Israel

PHOENIXVILLE—A few days after Republican Senate nominee Pat Toomey voiced his support for Israel, Democrat Joe Sestak echoed the sentiment, calling himself a strong supporter of the country without weighing on the specifics of a much-criticized flotilla raid.

“I’m a staunch supporter of Israel,” Sestak told Saturday during an Organizing For American rally here. “In fact I’ve been there 8 times. … The ambassador of Israel had me over for dinner on the eve of Chanukah, in order to sit down with the chief of staff of the Israeli Navy [to coordinate military readiness].”

Sestak reiterated his support for a two-state solution to the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He called Israel a vital ally.

“Their security is important to our security,” he said.

Toomey last week said he wouldn’t join the “blame Israel first crowd.” Sestak has come under some criticism for signing onto a letter that called for easing restrictions on humanitarian aide into the Gaza Strip during the most recent war, but has also been critical of tensions between the Israeli government and the Obama administration. Toomey’s campaign is hoping to make significant inroads into the suburban Jewish community this year.

During the interview, Sestak also shrugged off the cash disadvantage his campaign faces against Toomey after a fiercely competitive primary.

After a bitter primary, Sestak faces a significant cash disadvantage against Republican Pat Toomey in the fall. However, Sestak shrugged off the issue. He said that gap would close and the money would be raised “the same way that we did it for the primary. We just work hard, and we’re going to have the resources. But we also have the message.”

June 7, 2010 at 10:13 am

--Lucia Thayer

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  1. David Diano

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Did/does Sestak support Israel’s use of cluster bombs against civilian targets?

  2. bill healy

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Got any proof that Israel used cluster bombs against civilian targets? If a terrorist organization hides it’s weaponry in the midst of civilians that negates it being a solely civilian target.

  3. Vet

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Agreed Healy. Mixing in combatants with civilians is the Hamas / Hizbullah MO. With their concept of jihad, civilians who are killed actually promote their cause by generating PR and creating world-wide outrage, and the civilians are “blessed” as “martyrs”.

    Diano, what nation has its warfighting, tactics, strategy, and weaponry scrutinized more then Israel?

    About the aid Diano (the $$ from the US to Israel), maybe it should stop, they probably don’t really need it, and we need to tighten the belt all around at home. But more to the point, the vast majority of this aid is the product of the Camp David Accords that Jimmy Carter bound us to for the sake of making peace between Israel and Egypt. Egypt gets a lot of $$ from the US as well for the same reason.

    Israel is truly a victim of its own sense of humane-ness. Instead of pandering to the terrorists and their bleeding heart apologists, Israel should have instead followed the model of US President Andrew Jackson, and claimed its “manifest destiny”.

    Its ironic how nations (and people) who try to be too nice, are in fact, reviled for being brutal, while nations that are unapologetically heavy handed are not questioned.

    In any event Diano, please fill these spaces with more of your inside info on Sestak supposedly being under federal investigation. That’s interesting stuff.

    I wonder if musings on this blog are actionable as libel?

  4. David Diano

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Israel admitted to using the cluster bombs. The problem is that they don’t distinguish between military vs civilian. Just Google “Israeli cluster bombs”. It’s pretty well documented that not only were the bombs used in civilian areas, but that Israel used US made bombs, in violation of agreements.

    What would Israel do if the US decided to provide food, medical supplies and other relief to the people of Gaza? Would they stop and try to board our ships?

    Israel’s got an awfully high kill-ratio relative to the poorly armed enemies they portray as a mortal threat to justify the use of cluster bombs and other international violations.

    If the US can engage in war crimes, why should be afraid to call our allies on it?

    As for Sestak, he’s burnt some bridges with his White House job claims. Don’t be surprised if further embarrassments come out and no one stands up to defend him.

  5. bill healy

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Dave the claims were verified, it’s a closed chapter no matter how badly you want it to be open. No investigations, everyone has moved on about it time for you to do likewise.

  6. mike

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Organizing for America rally! Oh geez, I really hope he does not win now.

    Agree with him on Israel though. Broken clock is right twice a day.

  7. Lance Chang

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Bill- This is not a closed case because the fact of the matter is that for almost 6 months Sestak led people to believe that there was a high ranking “job offer” by the White House not an unpaid volunteer position. So if what all the involved parties are now saying its true then Sestak was BS’ing people over the past few months. Hence why myself and other Democrats believe this guy is a lying creep who is not qualified to be a U.S. Senator

  8. bill healy

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Joe did not, he was asked a question in an interview by Larry Kane, he answered truthfully, since then this molehill has been made out to be the Matterhorn. The only time Joe has addressed this has been when asked,he always stated nothing more than he had when asked the first time. An unpaid position is still a job, I consider cowards without the balls to post under their true name to be reprehensible. keep hiding coward. Too bad that job with Specter didn’t work out for you loser.

  9. bill healy

    Jun 7th, 2010

    The Democratic voters of Pennsylvania didn’t see him as unqualified to be our next Senator. Too bad you supported a opportunistic republican.

  10. bill healy

    Jun 7th, 2010

    The Democratic voters of Pennsylvania didn’t see him as unqualified to be our next Senator. Too bad you supported a opportunistic republican. Joe never stated it was a high paying job.

  11. Matt M.

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Bill, an unpaid position is not a job. It’s an assignment, a consultantcy, an advisory role. It’s not a job “as in” what anyone in common parlance would understand the term to mean.

    I serve on the board of a community organization. Is that my “job?” When I take over the role of chair, have I been “promoted?” Absolutely not. David Diano has already made this point, and quite clearly in my view.

    What’s more, Sestak’s performance on “Meet the Press,” where he flagrantly and repeatedly refused to answer direct questions and clear the air is, objectively, alarming enough to give even a politically dispassionate observer significant pause.

    What I would like to see you and Bruce Bailey do is explain, coldly, objectively, and thoughtfully, why voters shouldn’t be troubled by this. If all you’re going to do is through “your [sic] a republican rat” and use profanity, then forget about responding, because you’ll just pollute this blog up with — yes — propaganda. Nobody here appreciates that.

    The floor is yours. Make some good use of it.

  12. David Diano

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Joe’s “truthful answer” as you call it, referred to a high ranking federal job. So, was Joe lying then or is Joe lying now, when he claims it was an unpaid advisory position after all?
    You can’t have it both ways as the stories are contradictory.

    “An unpaid position is still a job”??? Really???
    Tell you what Bill, when you are making calls for Sestak about the unemployment situation in this country and Joe’s “plans”… you just tell that “An unpaid position is still a job”.
    Maybe you can be in one of Joe’s commercials saying that.

    Bill, as for this “Gem”:
    “The Democratic voters of Pennsylvania didn’t see him as unqualified to be our next Senator”
    Actually, 46% of those that voted in the Primary DID see Joe as unqualified (or qualified but less desirable). The 54% of Primary voters that actually chose Sestak represent only 13% of the registered Democrats in Pennsylvania. That’s about 1 in 8.

    I guess with Bill’s definition, he can claim he has a “high ranking job” working for Sestak.

  13. Anonymous

    Jun 7th, 2010

    Why does sestak have to mention that he sat down with Israeli officials “on the eve of Chanukah.” That’s erie…guess he’s making a parallel between himself and the miracle of lights.

    sheeeeesh. i’m surprised there’s enough room for him and his ego in that tiny country.

  14. David Diano

    Jun 8th, 2010

    Well, Sestak is pretty oily. So, maybe they needed some for the ceremonies. :-)

  15. bill healy

    Jun 8th, 2010

    matt explain to me why voters would be troubled that the white house offered Joe Sestak a job or position that he turned down? Joe never made any claim other than that he was approached with an offer, never stated it was conditional on him quitting the race,or that it was a paid job. question the white house or the media.

  16. Lana

    Jun 8th, 2010

    Will Sestak ever once tell the truth ? I know and have followed each of the Candidates and the best I can see is NONE OF THE ABOVE ! One is slezzy and one is just off the chart. Remember, you get what you ask for so I don’t want to hear you crying when one of these jokers get elected. My dogs and cats are better than either of these two clowns.
    Are you going to be part of the the circus that is coming to town in November.

    I will vote NONE OF THE ABOVE and sleep well at night.

  17. David Diano

    Jun 8th, 2010

    Joe absolutely did say that the offer was contingent on him getting out of the race. That was the whole point, whether he was offered a job to get out of the race and Joe’s answer was “Yes”.

    Here is the transcript:
    “Larry Kane: I have a question for you. I don’t know how accurate this is but a lot of reports are that the party has tried very hard to get you out of this race.

    Joe Sestak: Haha, yes.

    LK: Were you ever offered a federal job to get out of this race?

    JS: Yes.
    LK: Was it the Navy Secretary?

    JS: No comment. I – let me –

    LK: Was it high-ranking?

    JS: Let me just say that both here in Pennsylvania and down there, I was called quite a few times and all I’ve said is, look, I felt when a deal was made that it was hurting the democratic process, I got into this because I think that deal started getting us off the track of where the Democratic party should go. I would never get out for a deal. I’m in this for the Democratic principles and working families.

    LK: Okay, but, was there a job offered to you by the White House?

    JS: Ye-

    LK: That’s what I want –

    JS: Yes. Someone offered — yeah.

    LK: It was big, right?

    JS: It was — never — let me not comment on it. We had a closed comm–

  18. Lance Chang

    Jun 8th, 2010

    Here’s a conversation between Joe Sestak and Bill Clinton:

    In the summer of 2009, the cell phone of Rep. Joe Sestak (D., Pa.) was ringing.
    Sestak: Hello?

    Bill Clinton: Admiral Sestak, hi, it’s Bill Clinton.

    Sestak: President Clinton! What a nice surprise.

    Clinton: Please, call me Bill.

    Sestak: Please, call me Admiral.

    Clinton: How’ve you been, Admiral?

    Sestak: Fine, sir, fine. I’m steaming full speed ahead in the House. Some of my staffers want four hours of sleep a night. Can you believe that? Civilians!

    Clinton: You always were the hardest-working guy in my White House.

    Sestak: Thank you, sir. Serving on your National Security Council was an honor for which I’ll always be grateful.

    Clinton: Speaking of gratitude, Admiral, I have a personal favor to ask.

    Sestak: Fire away, sir.

    Clinton: Rahm Emanuel is a dear friend, and I’m proud that President Obama made him his chief of staff. Rahm asked me to call you.

    Sestak: Why?

    Clinton: They don’t want you to run against Arlen Specter for Senate.

    Sestak: But, sir, my mind is made up. I’m going to run.

    Clinton: I knew you’d say that. So I’ve been authorized to offer you a prestigious new position if you’ll reconsider.

    Sestak: What’s that?

    Clinton: It’s called “Special Adviser on Presidential Problems.” They created it just for you.

    Sestak: S.A.P.P.?

    Clinton: Yes. And if you agree to be a SAPP, Admiral, you will become one of the president’s most trusted counselors.

    Sestak: Where would my office be – in the West Wing?

    Clinton: Your office would be at 1022 Longworth Building, Washington, D.C.

    Sestak: But that’s where my office is now.

    Clinton: Exactly. The president wants you to keep your House seat.

    Sestak: But how could I serve in Congress and work at the White House?

    Clinton: They’d call you when they needed you, Admiral. It would be an unpaid position. They can’t offer you anything of monetary value, legally speaking. Say, we’re not being recorded, are we?

    Sestak: Sir, I can’t do it.

    Clinton: Admiral, I should also mention that Senator Specter holds a special place in my heart. Back when he was a Republican, he voted against my impeachment conviction. Remember all his yammering about Scottish law? To this day, I still don’t know what he meant. But what a clever guy – saved my presidency.

    Sestak: I appreciate that, sir. But I’ve decided to run for Senate.

    Clinton: Very well, Admiral. I told Rahm I would try. One more thing: Let’s not tell anyone we had this conversation, OK?

    Sestak: Aye, aye, sir. Who would believe it anyway?

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