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Carney: Marino is ‘bereft of human decency’

Carney: Marino is ‘bereft of human decency’

Congressman Chris Carney (D-10) called foul play on Republican challenger Tom Marino Monday, saying the former U.S. Attorney has been using dirty politics to misrepresent the incumbent’s stance on abortion.

Carney’s comments, during a conference call with reporters and a statement later, came after Marino criticized Carney—at times using a debunked claim— for not cosponsoring legislation that would reaffirm the policy of not allowing taxpayer funding for abortions. Carney said he had left Washington as the bill was circulated to be with his wife, who underwent surgery for breast cancer. The congressman himself was then silent last week after reporting for active duty as a Navy Reservist.

He angrily broke that silence Monday.

“My priority in the time leading up to Jen’s surgery on July 30 was my family,” Carney said. “The way that Tom Marino has carried out this latest attack, repeatedly attacking on this issue when he knew the circumstances, demonstrates he is bereft of basic human decency. It is gutter politics of the worst kind and it has absolutely no place in our community.”

Carney’s spokesman said he would cosponsor the legislation in question this week. Carney has repeatedly identified himself as being pro-life.

An Aug. 3 statement from Marino’s campaign criticizing Carney on the issue came after word of Jennifer Carney’s surgery was circulating in political circles, though Marino said Monday that he didn’t know. The issue has mostly been a public relations loss for Marino, yielding critical press coverage.

But Marino’s campaign didn’t back off on Monday.

“As a two time cancer survivor, I am disappointed that Mr. Carney would use his wife’s health condition to hide the fact that he refuses to address where he stands on abortion,” Marino said in a statement. “I pray that Mrs. Carney has a full and speedy recovery. Of course we did not know about Mrs. Carney’s surgery at the time of our first press release. I am a stanch supporter of our military personnel, particularly those in combat zones. So Mr. Carney, do not hide behind your Naval Reserve service when it comes to telling people where you stand on issues.”

August 9, 2010 at 5:23 pm

--Donald Hoegg

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  1. KG

    Aug 9th, 2010

    Wow.. hitting Carney for his wife’s breast cancer surgery AND his military service in a single press release…

    At least Marino’s communications team is on par with his fundraisers.

  2. Straight Truth

    Aug 9th, 2010

    Marino now understands why Carney wasn’t in Washington on the day of the introduction of the legislation and hopes the best for his Carney’s wife…

    Still he continues to hammer Carney on this issue. Does Marino really care or is he truly out of options?

    True show of Marino’s character.

  3. Wow

    Aug 9th, 2010

    Nothing wrong with bringing to light a political issue. Everything wrong with attacking someone who chose to be with their family in a difficult time. I have recently gone through a very trying time with my father being sick, and I never once was criticized or called out for spending time with him while in the hospital.

    As a cancer survivor himself, Marino should KNOW what a cancer patient goes though, and moreover know how difficult it can be on one’s family. Come on Tom, show some class…

  4. Jeremy

    Aug 9th, 2010

    WOW! Marino is a tool! No place in politics. Hell, I knew two weeks ago about her cancer. Carney is defending our country, while Marino is attacking him and his wife!

  5. Hal Donahue

    Aug 9th, 2010

    Pretty disgusting but pretty typical for a conservative chicken hawk. I am a cancer survivor. Without the support of my wife, family and friends I don’t know if I could have made it. Marino knows the support needed but shows his moral relativity by slamming Congressman Carney for supporting his wife and large family.

    Chicken Hawk Marino’s attack on Carney’s military service and Marino’s despicable attempt to separate military into those in or out of a combat zone is unconscionable. Congressman Carney was in the military before 9-11. He remains in the military today while chicken hawk Marino is a highly paid employee of Pennsylvania Gambling Kingpin Louis DeNaples. I know conservatives believe that service to country and community is for fools but Congressman Carney is “old school”. He volunteered for military service when military service was not popular. He is involved in his community at every level. He decided to run for congress before the depths of his conservative predecessor’s moral depravity was revealed. This man is the “real deal”. For Marino to dare question, Congressman Carney’s military service and his support of his loved one in a SINGLE week is amazing and demonstrates the hysterical panic in his campaign and also lays bare Marino’s own personal moral quagmire. This man needs to continue amassing huge sums of money working for gambling kingpin Louis DeNaples. It is the best place for him.

  6. John

    Aug 10th, 2010

    Chris Carney had 3 weeks to co sponsor this legislation. But Chris Carney decided not too… The True Tool is Chris Carney for not supporting such important legislation to keep taxpayer dollars from funding abortions. If Carney didn’t read the healthcare bill and voted for it. Why is he saying he doesn’t support a bill he doesn’t read? Get rid of this congressman that has helped put this country more and more into debt. Dump this Tool..

  7. Bill Greenlaw

    Aug 10th, 2010

    OK, so Marino did not know why Chris Carney left the Congressional session early, and Marino shot his mouth off. I thought that when Marino had realized his mistake, and apologized, he might have recovered a bit of dignity.

    I had thought Marino’s mistake one of ignorance.

    Seems like I am the one that was ignorant. Marino can not recover any dignity, he had none. I now understand that Marino is a more vile political hack than I could have belived.

    Marino attacks Carney, a pro-life, pro-family man of integrity for traveling to be with his wife at the time of her cancer operation, then Marino attacks Congressman Carney and chides him “do not hide behind your Naval Reserve service” while Commander Carney is on Naval Reserve duty during the Congressional recess. Tom Marino, you are an disgrace. Just drop out now.

  8. Bill Greenlaw

    Aug 10th, 2010

    By the way, as a former US Attorney, Tom Marino should know that Carney is prohibited from making political comments or speech during his Naval Reserve active service. See:
    See section 4.1.2. “A member of the Armed Forces on active duty shall not:…” More Tom Foolery by Tom Marino.

  9. Ada

    Aug 10th, 2010

    If Carney is so Pro-life (which he is not) why did he not sign on as a sponsor of the the Preotect Life Act which was introduced on April 22,2010. This bill would repeal & correct all of the pro-abortion components of Obamacare. There are 105 sponsors. Carney is NOT one of them. Any liberal Carney fan want to answer why he has not signed it since it was introduced April 22?????

  10. Reality Bites

    Aug 10th, 2010


    That bill doesn’t exist!! Besides this is not an issue over abortion. Carney is and always been Pro-Life. Any nut job can try to play political football with this issue because no member of Congress is a co-sponsor of every abortion related bill. This is about human decency and the fact that Tom Marino has none. When Carney signs on to the bill Marino will make some other desperateattempt to distorte his position.

    Carney got it right, Marino is “bereft of basic human decency.”

  11. Ada

    Aug 10th, 2010

    Reality Bites,
    Carney is NOT Pro-life.

  12. David Madeira

    Aug 10th, 2010

    Facts are stubborn things.

    Chris Carney’s voting record is not remotely pro-life, his “outraged” rhetoric notwithstanding. But don’t take my word for it. Ask the three top Pro-Abortion advocacy groups as reported at the non-partisan Project Vote Smart.

    Chris Carney was rated 100% by National Abortion Rights Action League, 100% by Planned Parenthood, and 100% by National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association.

    When it really mattered in 2007, he voted “no” on an amendment to prohibit tax dollars from going for overseas abortions. And in March of 2010 he agreed to vote for ObamaCare before the useless executive order that was supposed to prevent taxpayer money from going for abortions was drafted.

    Chris Carney is not even remotely pro-life. Repeatedly saying he is won’t change his record. Regardless of where you stand on abortion, we can all agree that a politician should not lie to us about his voting record.

  13. John

    Aug 11th, 2010

    Major General Dan O’Neill, U.S. Army, from Honesdale said that he was offended by Carney’s attacks on Tom Marino.

    “As a retired General I am disappointed that Chris Carney is playing politics with his military service. As a citizen I am disappointed that Chris Carney says one thing in the District and does another when he gets to Washington D.C. Chris Carney should campaign on the issues and stop playing politics by making false accusations against Tom Marino” remarked O’Neill.

  14. Concerned PA-10 Voter

    Aug 11th, 2010

    “If this week has taught us nothing else, it is that Mr. Marino is a politician willing to disrespect the sacrifice our troops make everyday in an effort to win a news cycle,” former Army Sgt. Matt Kramer said in a campaign statement, one of several vets the Carney folks quoted. “As a veteran of combat in two overseas operations, I find it disgusting that Congressman Carney’s service to his country would be used as a political issue, and that Mr. Marino would do so in a way that so-obviously conveyed not only his lack of respect for Reservists and others who serve our country admirably, but demonstrated a true lack of knowledge of the Uniformed Code of Military Conduct.”

  15. Facts not Fiction

    Aug 11th, 2010

    Hey David Maderia: “Facts are stubborn things. Correct, but you are wrong:

    Carney is not “rated 100% by National Abortion Rights Action

    See: League”

    Planned Parenthood has no percentage, but indicates about Carney: “candidate supports access to and funding of family planning and prevention services.”

    “National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association” has no percentage ranking either.

    Project VoteSmart does the evaluation of a candidate vs. an organization’s principles and gives their interpretation as a percentage ranking, something you could read at their page, if you bothered.

    Project VoteSmart also cautions: “Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups are biased. They do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns.”

  16. TomJ.

    Aug 15th, 2010

    Carney just voted to waste another 28 billion dollars on bailing out states that can’t control their spending (actually Obama’s union buddies). We need to get rid of this Pelosi butt kisser.

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