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Kanjorski ad hits Barletta for opposition to training facility project

Kanjorski ad hits Barletta for opposition to training facility project

Congressman Paul Kanjorski (D-11) is using a new ad to take Republican opponent Lou Barletta to task for opposing a proposed training center for State Department security personnel that Kanjorski wants to bring to northeast Pennsylvania.

Barletta quickly denounced the project as dangerous and disruptive to the neighborhood when Kanjorski proposed it, even as Kanjorski promised it would bring 1,000 jobs to a northeast Pennsylvania district struggling economically like any other. The new 30-second spot, at least Kanjorski’s third of the campaign, recaps the disagreement, asking “who do you want standing up for you in Congress?”

The race is currently No. 2 on the Congressional Power Rankings.

See the ads below. They will be fact-checked later as part of‘s AD WATCH series.

September 22, 2010 at 11:44 am Staff

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  1. TB

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Didn’t the DCCC just pull some ad schedules in the Scranton/WB market? Have they given up on Kanjo?

    Barletta isn’t spending all that much on television. $29,000 total for the coming week on WBRE and WYOU combined. That isn’t too impressive.

  2. McGruff

    Sep 24th, 2010

    Kanjorski promised 1,000 jobs. When this very same project was proposed in Maryland only 400 jobs were promised by the GSA and they couldn’t guarantee that they would go to local residents. It was rejected in Maryland due to partly due to environmental concerns. The area Kanjorski proposed is held by a non-profit development company. According to its website the consultants hired to devise a plan for land use designated that area as a “resort”. Now Kanjorski wants to bomb it. The non-profit makes the claims that it reclaimed mine-scarred land. Now they want to turn it into bomb scarred land. This proposal by Kanjorski follows many other veiled promises he proposes prior to elections. It is his election M.O. Wall Street West is a perfect example. It was supposed to be a backup for Wall Street transactions. It didn’t even locate in his district. But it didn’t matter. This year it closed. He promised 2,000 jobs were coming back to the United States from overseas by Sallie Mae. Instead Sallie Mae let go 2,500 jobs this year due to Kanjorski’s yes vote on healthcare reform. Why don’t you do a piece on how many pie in the sky proposals Kanjorski did that never materialize? One may say Kanjorski is thinking. I say all he does is stinkin thinkin.

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