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Toomey: ‘I believe in American exceptionalism’

Toomey: ‘I believe in American exceptionalism’

Lest there be any confusion, Pat Toomey believes in American exceptionalism.

The Republican Senate candidate, who has implied in the past that President Obama doesn’t share this view, reiterated his belief in American greatness during a recent video interview with The Post-Gazette.

Asked to define his political philosophy, Toomey said: “It’s a conservative philosophy that believes very strongly in the virtues of personal freedom. I’m a big believer that American is an exceptional country. I believe in American exceptionalism, and I think the source of that exceptionalism was an idea. What makes us a country and what makes us unique is not a common ethnicity but a commitment to a set of ideals. And at the heart of those ideals is the idea that the role of the government should be limited, that the freedom of the individual should be the highest political priority, and that people should be free to pursue their dreams, pursue their happiness.”

See video of the interview below.

September 20, 2010 at 9:25 am Staff



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  1. sue

    Sep 20th, 2010

    yeah pat, and those goals are IMPOSSIBLE without a competent government to enforce the law and provide the common goods that individuals cannot produce alone.

    that government that your policies are trying to “drown in a bathtub”

  2. David Diano

    Sep 20th, 2010

    Is Toomey for or against the personal freedom of gay marriage?

  3. Jim

    Sep 20th, 2010

    David, if you and your domestic partner are in love, why do you need the state to validate your relationship? Pat Toomey is for state’s rights, and right now the commonwealth does not approve of your lifestyle choice. You can continue doing it, but just keep it in doors…or within the boarders of sepa.

  4. Lance Chang

    Sep 20th, 2010

    Jim, you are a moron. Talking about so called “States Rights” makes you sound like a racist redneck from another era. If you study history then you’ll know that leaving social issue to be decided by the state has resulted in atrocities such as slavery, Jim Crow, voter intimidation, and other bigoted policies that endorsed discrimination against American citizens. Get an education Jim because you sound like an ignorant fool! You’re probably the type of person who owns a Confederate flag and would vote for a dumb ass like Sarah Palin.

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