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Marcellus drilling opponent waging write-in bid for guv

Marcellus drilling opponent waging write-in bid for guv

A retired Air Force captain in Wyoming County says she is running for governor as a write-in candidate, and she’s making opposition to drilling in the Marcellus Shale the cornerstone of her campaign.

Virginia Cody says on her campaign Web site that she’s a registered Republicans, but identifies with Tea Party activists, Democrats, environmentalists and libertarians. She’ll have to attract all those constituencies to have any remote chance at a write-in campaign, typically a grueling endeavor even for the most well-known political figures.

“I have never run for a political office before,” Cody says on her Web site. “But, politics is inherent in virtually every business you are involved in. So, I feel quite safe in saying I understand how politics works; it’s a multi-layered mousetrap. I’m pretty smart, and I have a very steep learning curve. But, as far as I’m concerned, politics doesn’t have to be ‘business as usual.’ I intend to make sure it isn’t.

At least two larger write-in campaigns are already taking place in support of Republican Sam Rohrer, who lost the May primary to Tom Corbett. Rohrer has neither endorsed nor condemned those efforts, but he has also never endorsed Corbett’s candidacy.

Cody supports a moratorium on current Marcellus drilling and, later, a high drilling severance tax. The Patriot-News reports that Cody was among the anti-drilling activists who recently caught the attention of a state contractor that became embroiled in controversy for monitoring activists and circulating their activities to law enforcement agencies as possible security threats.

“No longer are we willing to accept the incestuous relationship the natural gas industry has with our legislators and government,” she says. “No longer are we willing to allow the natural gas industry to run roughshod over our citizenry with its deceptive leasing practices, its environmental carnage, and its arrogant refusal to pay its way while it does business in our state.”

October 7, 2010 at 9:00 am Staff



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  1. sue

    Oct 7th, 2010

    If she can increase the attention to this LIFE OR DEATH issue, I will be thrilled.

    Not only is it an example of our state’s utter corruption, it threatens the drinking water of 19 million people who rely on the Delaware watershed .

    Corbett, especially, is utterly wrong on this issue and I wish Onorato would speak out more strongly in defense of common sense and caution on this issue.

  2. Paula

    Oct 8th, 2010

    She has a right to her opinion – but that doesn’t make her right. I wouldn’t give 2 cents to her campaign and no, I am not receiving a penny in gas money. Landowners have rights and they chose to sign with gas companies. This lady doesn’t like it, that is her business – but the landowners can choose whether or not they want wells.

    She is not from PA and just because she lives in Wyoming County with her Scranton native husband does not make her the voice for those of us in the Endless Mountains. She is another voice for high energy costs and taking away the rights of landowners – that my friend, is no conservative viewpoint.

  3. BDB

    Oct 8th, 2010

    Her views are certainly no worse than the two major party candidates running for this job, who, by the way, are NOT qualified to hold it. We, the Pa. taxpayer, are the big loser Nov. 2 with the choices we have in the election. A sad, sad state of affairs in Pa.


    Oct 8th, 2010

    This is Great cause I HATE The 2 Candidates Running One has a Convicted Felon Robert Asher Running His Campaign The Other is a Suck up Clone of Fat Eddy Rendell

  5. MD

    Oct 11th, 2010

    Wow! It is so obvious that this lady is not even close to being a R, it is funny. Yet another Dem fraud being perpetrated in the hopes of taking votes from Corbett.

    Face it guys, the race is over and you lose.

  6. What about Bob Asher

    Oct 12th, 2010

    What about Convicted Felon Robert Asher running Corbetts Campaign This is Just Ludacris

  7. Virginia Cody

    Oct 15th, 2010

    Interesting comments. I wonder why Paula thinks I do not consider landowner rights important…I do, and I believe the natural gas companies have acted despicably TOWARDS the landowners. Many leaseholders were lied to, many (particularly those trusting enough to not have attorneys act on their behalf) were swindled with outrageously low prices per acre and some contracts include royalty rates lower than the 12.5% minimum. And let’s not forget how many of you have had “taxes” and “post-production costs” slipped into your leases. Those landowners who’ve had wells drilled on their land, and who are now facing major contamination issues, are being painted as villains by the natural gas companies. Believe me, I have no problem with landowners, whether or not they’ve signed with the gas companies. I am concerned with how the industry has colluded with our government to eliminate landowner rights! Consider the industry’s demand to force pool landowners who DON’T want drilling on their land. This state has jumped up to support this industry ahead of its ability to protect its citizens…ALL of them…leaseholders included! And MD, my conservative views are in line with Abraham Lincoln who warned this country against embracing the corporations on his horizon, with Teddy Roosevelt who is reknowned as a monopoly buster, and with Richard Nixon who signed virtually all our environmental regulations into law. Please take a look at the website before you label me a closet liberal…because my husband, who IS liberal, will seriously take you to task for that.
    Conservatism means prudence…look before you leap. Conserve life, conserve the environment, conserve what we value.

  8. DS

    Oct 17th, 2010

    I’m one of those many leaseholders you refer to as swindeled. Your answer to my plight is is a severance tax? How do you think that’d going to going to help anyone? For leaseholders, the gas companies already deduct for production and transportation costs etc. The severance tax is just something else for them to deduct from already pathetic royalties. The costs will be passed on to consumers by way of increased energy costs. Also, I haven’t heard any proponents mention that my royalties are already taxable as income. So, now your going to tax me at the wellhead and then tax me on my income. Who’s the tax going to benefit again? Clearly, the only benefit will be to the tax and spend politicians. Do what you must, but don’t tea on my leg and tell me it’s raining!

  9. BrotherSisterLove

    Oct 23rd, 2010

    Ugly bitch is a product of inbreeding in Wyoming County…sure like sum biscuits…ummmm

  10. Why Not Vote?

    Oct 29th, 2010

    The polls have Onorato ahead of Corbett among registered voters, but Corbett ahead of Onorato among likely voters.

    The question is why register to vote if you’re not going to vote? People who don’t vote are lazy.

  11. CocklinSucksDick

    Oct 31st, 2010

    As a lifelong democrat I urge anyone in Philly to vote against Rat Boy, Dan Ono”RAT”o, who is Anti-Philadelphia and a spoiled little, noodnink aka Rendell Lite. He sabotaged Saidel’s campaign (who is a gentleman and smarter than anyone in Harrisburg) and is best friends with Ballard Spahr Thief John E$tey. Vote for Corbett and show those bedbugs from Western and Central PA that you do not mess with Philly. PS-Rendell is from New York and a certified Hall of Fame Carpet Bagger.

  12. We're screwed

    Oct 31st, 2010

    What a pathetic offering of candidates. This is one amongst the many rigged elections here in PA. The rules eliminate any chance of a third party candidate getting on the ballot, so we’re left with two crooks and (sorry Virginia, there is no Santa Claus this election) no viable alternative to write in. I’m afraid nothing short of a revolution would change this. So, who do we vote for? I might just vote for Virginia, because at least she seems to care for the land, the people, and honesty, and is NOT BEHOLDEN to any big corporations.

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