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Who we are is a one-stop-shop for following the Keystone State’s critical 2010 election cycle, combining hard-hitting, reported news and analysis with opinion content from across the political spectrum and the state. With a commitment to both insider political news and coverage of important policy issues, as well as a strong emphasis on social-network news-gathering and reader involvement, will appeal to insiders, political junkies and more casual observers alike.

Why we’re here

2010 will be a watershed year in Pennsylvania’s political history, when we will learn if the state’s recent “Blue” shift to the left is sustainable—or if it’s reached its apex before snapping back. A 4-year stay in the Governor’s Mansion is up for grabs. A longtime Senator will be replaced. Numerous Congressional seats remain in play. News is happening inside and outside of these campaigns every day, and we’re here to cover it. But more importantly, we’re here because the leaders we elect in 2010 will play a defining role in the future of our Commonwealth. Pennsylvanians deserve to know what’s going on, and we deserve a place to discuss and debate the important decisions we will make as voters. is here to provide it.

What we do

We cover the gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional primary and general elections in Pennsylvania. By focusing exclusively on these races, we break news every day, and delve deep into analysis of the political landscape. As a non-partisan news organization, we report not out of allegiance to ideology or party, but from an obligation to the greater good. We hold all politicians accountable for their words—and their actions.


Voices is more than just an opinion section. It is an all-purpose hub for the political discourse that surrounds these races. Check out our op-ed articles from candidates, party officials, policy advocates and political junkies of every stripe—or better yet, write your own. Peruse our diverse group of bloggers, who include top officials from both the state’s major political parties. Debate your friends and foes through reader comments. At, it’s your voice that matters

Boosting your candidate is more than just a news source. It is a versatile messaging opportunity for candidates of every kind. Send us press releases for publication. Tell us about your TV and radio appearances so we can post video and audio. Share your policy papers with our readers, and articulate your positions in op-ed articles. Submit responses to articles. Send us campaign advertisements. At, everyone gets the last word.

Publisher – Media Bureau, Inc.

Media Bureau is a Media agency based out of Philadelphia, PA. Media Bureau produced the first online debates in the State of PA and has covered the Political landscape from a unique “multi-media” vantage point since then.

Benjamin Barnett

Benjamin Barnett was the Digital Media Strategist and micro-blogger for He is the founder and digital media strategist for the Philadelphia-based Media Bureau. Ben has recently taken a more active role as Publisher and Editor of


Donald Hoegg is an Allentown native who also attends Temple University. A junior, he also writes for The Temple News, and majors in political science.

Eric Katz is a Bucks County native and a junior at George Washington University studying journalism and political science. He has written fro The Hatchet and The Bucks County Courier Times.

Michael Macagnone is a Delaware County native and a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, studying journalism and history. He has written extensively for The Pitt News.

John Manganaro is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying nonfiction writing and philosophy. A Pittsburgh native and writer for The Pitt News, John has covered a diverse range of stories across western Pennsylvania, including reporting from the G-20 summit last year.


Contributing reporters to include Amy Brisson, Charlie Gill, Amanda Gillooly, Michael Jones, Daniel McQuade, Lucia Thayer and Rebecca VanderMeulen.

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Dan Hirschhorn is the founder of A native of Philadelphia, Dan has worked at newspapers in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. He has worked at ESPN and previously worked for  Dan currently works as a Reporter and Editor at and is active as a member of the Editors Circle.